About ATW

In the security business since 1987, ATW has continued to grow by offering quality products and staying on top of rapidly changing technologies. Originally known as Alarm Technology Worldwide, the name changed to ATW Security in 1999. Over the years, we have continued to increase our standard line of quality products and introduced our own line of products unique to ATW.

The ATW line of speakers/sirens/piezos and mounts is only sold through authorized distributors. To find a complete list of authorized distributors, please go to the Where to Buy section of our website.

ATW works hard at making life easier for our distributors. With a catalog full of speakers, sirens and accessories, we have made many positive changes in the past few years - new products, new packaging and an even stronger emphasis on customer service.

ATW is not your typical speaker/siren company. We provide you the full package to help you sell more. We stand behind our products and believe in our motto - Quality, Reliability, and Affordability - that's ATW. Everything your customers want!

Don't be fooled by those so-called look-a-likes.

ATW Security provides the quality products our customers rely upon. Stock orders ship within 24 hours

Quality - Reliability - Affordability - that's what ATW Security is all about!

ATW Security is part of Mascon, Inc. Through hard work and dedication to our customers Mascon has had the good fortune of celebrating 30 years in business. 10/1/81 10/1/11. To find out more about Mascon please go to www.mascon.com