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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What products and/or services does Mascon offer?

As a full-service strategic supply chain partner, our primary service is helping US companies manage supply chains originating in Asia. We are experts in dealing with the various languages and cultural differences that can be serious and costly barriers, and we take the hassle out of doing business in various time zones by having engineering and service personnel in the US and overseas. We offer a wide range of services encompassing offshore contract manufacturing, precision machining, electro-mechanical assembly, engineering support and supervision, quality control at point of manufacture, customs processing, and local inventory management. We also facilitate cross-border product introduction and offshore joint ventures.

2. Is Mascon a trading company?

Yes and no. We may seem like a trading company, but offer much more through our team of engineers, our understanding of Asian business practices, our warehousing capabilities and an uncompromising commitment to quality. To our customers, we are an international supply chain partner.

3. Who are Mascon's customers?

A better question might be - who isn't? We do business with Fortune 500 companies including Honeywell, General Electric, Black & Decker and many other industrial and consumer companies (both large and small) throughout the US.

4. How does Mascon guarantee product quality?

Quality production management using state of the art inspection equipment and standards is one way Mascon stands apart from the competition. This begins in Asia where our sourcing team does initial and then routine and random factory inspections, and is followed when shipments arrive at our headquarters in Massachusetts where we use the latest equipment to corroborate the results from the factory inspections. We do not compromise on quality for any reason.

5. If I do business with Mascon, from whom will I be buying?

As our customer, you buy directly from Mascon. Most products quoted are F.O.B. Woburn, MA. This means you will not have to deal with overseas letters of credit or customs issues.

6. Does Mascon require down payments and letters of credit?

Like most companies, we require down payments for tooling work (injection molding tools, die casting tools, etc.). With an approved credit application, standard terms are Net 30 days.

7. Is it possible my requirements might be too small to source offshore?

This is a tough question and can only be answered by studying your needs. Although we do not specialize in prototype and quick-turn requirements, neither do we require our customers to purchase tens of thousands of parts as a minimum.

8. How does Mascon pick the factory for my product production?

Because we have been outsourcing in Asia for 30 years, we have qualified hundreds of manufacturers in six Pacific Rim countries. We know which ones can meet your needs and we have the clout to provide you with the highest quality at competitive prices.

9. Am I required to take a year's requirement?

No. You can choose from a variety of plans for receiving your product.

10. How will Mascon protect my product/design?

This is an issue of extreme importance here at Mascon. We begin by signing a mutual non- disclosure agreement. Our entire staff and every manufacturer we deal with must sign a binding non-disclosure agreement as well. Nothing goes beyond our headquarters bearing your name. As soon as we receive your electronic prints, we "clean" them of your name to insure your anonymity. All of our offshore associates recognize the priority we place on protecting our customers, and in our 30 years of business, we have never had a complaint about product or design protection.