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Li, Hao (Mascon, Inc.)

Job title: Logistics Strategist

Job duties: Analyze product delivery or supply chain processes to identify or recommend logistics plans that affect inventory, production, and distribution.  Specifically,

  • Analyze Logistics data, using methods such as data mining, data modeling, or cost or benefit analysis. Visualize logistics data using Power BI/Tableau and Microsoft Excel and apply analytic methods or tools to understand, predict, or control logistics operations or processes.
  • Plan and coordinate product supply activities such as transportation optimization, cost-saving to maximize inventory turns, collaborative demand forecasting, demand and supply planning, and the development of forecasts and logistical plans.
  • Coordinate the adjustment of inventory levels of stock and nonstock supplies/equipment throughout the site. Conduct day-to-day Inventory Management activities including underperforming sets in the field, outperforming sets, backorder needs, and incomplete sets review.
  • Measure and report field inventory investment and productivity levels on a monthly basis. Determine, maintain and monitor max inventory quantities and develop and execute plans of products line to realign inventory based on monthly metrics.
  • Prepare and analyze inventory efficiency for weekly scorecards and sales trends reports versus forecasts by excel for the company’s direct markets.
  • Maintain databases, prepare reports, track product flow, and develop solutions to supply chain problems and inefficiencies.
  • Act as primary liaison between customers, vendors and supply chain team to define inventory needs for new and existing orders as well as forecast customer requirements by gathering required raw data, planning and logistical management of material needs to optimize inventory level and minimize inventory cost.

Job requirement:

  • Master’s degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, or Industrial Engineering.


To apply, please send resume to Attn: Jeannie C. Cite Ref#LS1121.

Job Location: woburn, MA

Mascon is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.