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Pitfalls of China Buying - Factory Direct

Packed with Buyer Beware Tips and what to expect on your buying direct journey.

Whether you are planning on going factory direct or just interested in learning a few new pointers, this ebook is a must read. While going overseas can be a huge costsaver, it's not something we recommend doing alone. Find out why inside.

Check out our Top 4 Pitfalls of China Buying Factory Directebook_cover_Pitfalls_of_Buying_China_

 In this ebook you'll learn:

  • Why it's important to have boots on the ground overseas.
    - you can never be too sure unless you are physically there.
  • How language and time zone barriers can cause major problems in the production line. 
    - is a member on your team fluent in Chinese?
  • What non-reputable houses can do to your company.
    - we've seen some horror shows over the years.
  • What exactly "The Chinese Way" even means.
    - and why you need to know about it.

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