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Mascon is your Strategic
Supply Chain Partner

For more than 30 years Mascon has helped our
customers reduce costs by 10-50% by driving
out top-level and hidden costs throughout the
supply chain.

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Moving goods from factory to you is not always a simple process especially across borders. Mascon's logistics team stays on top of every production order, and ensure that it reaches our customers exactly when they want it.Logistics

Factory_icon Manufacturing

Mascon has deep experience in a variety of specialty manufacturing techniques. These include: Precision Machining, Die Casting, investment Casting, Forging, Injection Molding and Electro/ Mechanical Assembly.

feature3-small Consulting Service

We've built our success on making our consulting service our first priority, and building a global team that manages every aspect of producing and moving products from supplier to customer - as needed and on time


Enjoy 10 50% Cost Savings


Mascon customers typically enjoy 10-50% cost savings while realizing
improvements in quality and reliability. 

Some of our cost and time-saving benefits include:

  • One point of contact for all your supply chain issues
  • Experienced China and Taiwan-based Supplier Quality Engineers (SQE's) and buyers
  • A large portfolio of qualified vendors to produce to your exacting requirements
  • Pricing that takes advantage of aggregated purchasing of commodity groups
  • Real-time supply to meet your Lean manufacturing requirements

"ITT Enidine has been working with Mascon for over 25 years. The relationship started when ITT needed to reduce its cost without jeopardizing quality."

"Mascon has been a true partner with ITT Enidine and I would recommend them to anyone who wants or needs to source in China."

Dave Smith C.P.M
Sourcing/ Materials Manager
ITT Enidine

Mascon Brings Uncompromising Quality

Mascon relieves the headache for buyers by being a one-stop shop for creating a customized solution to meet your needs.

Choosing Mascon as your strategic supply chain partner we guarantee uncompromising quality.

  • Local US-based engineers and service staff to work with your team in your time zone
  • Continuous quality control - from First Article Samples through Pre-production runs to Full Production
  • Engineering support to assist your product designers to improve manufacturability and cost
  • Products quoted, landed and cleared- FOB Woburn, Massachusetts


Mascon worries about the what ifs... so you don't have to.

supply_chain (2)

Mascon helps identify multiple sources to meet
production requirements, manage the process of ensuring
quality supply, diversify risk among factories when
problems inevitably arise, and work with suppliers on a
day-to-day basis.

Mascon ensures success by offering:

  • Staff fluent in multiple languages
  • Understanding of cultural differences
  • Local knowledge of regulations and logistics
  • Affiliate network of multiple sources to meet
    production requirements
  • On-site SQE's to monitor suppliers
  • Ongoing quality checks



 "We have been successfully working with Mascon for more than 20 years. Their reliability support and knowledge has been a great asset to our company. They have taken the uncertainty out of having product manufactured overseas." 

John Reali

Director of Operations - Signal Communications Corp.


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