Mascon offers full service in metal forging production, including tooling design and maintenance. Forging can be completed using a hot or cold process and is essentially done by manipulating metal into different shapes to create a desired form that is outlined by the design. There are a variety of different products that are created through this process. These include:

  • Tools
  • Guns
  • Rifles
  • Parts of vehicles

Regardless of the fact that this manufacturing process has been around for several thousand years, to this day, it is still an essential part of manufacturing many metal products/parts. 

Our capability includes:

  • Equipment: 2,000 – 4,000 ton press
  • Weight/size of part: 0.05kg – 80kg / 0.5″ to 20″
  • Accuracy: =/-0.08″ tolerance

The forging process generates continuous internal gain which produces improved strength characteristics.

Metal Forging and Precision Machining Part