As global sourcing strategists, Mascon specializes in carefully curated global sourcing strategies tailored to our customer’s specific requirements. Throughout the process, we ensure the highest level of quality and care in order to produce the best possible product. With over four decades of experience sourcing and supplying products globally for our customers, we have refined our craft and built strength in our relationships with our trusted partners and manufacturers. Additionally, as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) we strive to diversify our connections and the countries we source from. If you are interested in knowing more about your global sourcing options, reach out to our global sourcing strategists today.

Our broad range of services includes but is not limited to forging, precision machining, injection molding, die casting, investment casting, molding, assembly, subassembly, and consulting. What sets us apart from other procurement companies is that we handle everything from RFQ to delivery. We pride ourselves in our QC standards, with product testing happening in our factories, and domestically here at Mascon HQ. Above all, we believe the difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to detail, and excellence is what we strive for in our services.

Our specialty is in OEM procurement and partnerships. We utilize our vast network of manufacturers leveraging our decades-long relationships to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. With the intricacies of robotics parts and the strict regulations in firearms, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt. During our 41 years in business we’ve learned how to adapt to the ever-changing compliance and regulations involved in manufacturing, importing, and exporting. Our industries include but are not limited to Aerospace, Firearms, Defense, Robotics, Safety, Security, and Medical.